me and you.

as we sat together on the beach side by side

watching the sunset continue to hide

i cast a quick, sneak glance at your way

wishing we could stay like this day after day

there i was sitting beside the man of my dreams

to me we looked perfect, the perfect team

what could you have seen in me, an ordinary girl?

i was far from perfect or as pretty as a pearl

funny how things turn out to be

among all the other girls, you came and loved me

now here i am thinking, am i not the lucky one?

to love you forever and become your shining sun?

as you put your arms around me, i felt nothing can compare

to what i was feeling, i was floating on air

as we continued to stare at the sunset beyond

i whispered ‘i love you’ but before you could respond

i felt a soft sea breeze, ruffling my hair

and i opened my eyes but you weren’t there

i looked around me at the deserted beach

smiling at myself, at the dream i couldn’t reach

the man of my dreams was not by my side

and the beach all around me was empty and wide

the space next to me was bare and empty too

for that was only a dream.. a dream of me and you…

(written: 1998)(poetic attemptof adoLescent Lizzie)(barf)

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