Goodbye, My Lover.

this is the story of my life.
i want you to listen because i want you to know.
you thought i had it easy. i thought the world was mine. but i did one thing that would completely change my life. all it took was this one thing, one moment, one person… and i’ll never be the same again.

falling was the easy part, learning to love was another story. day by day, i lost myself to you. i gave up my heart, my mind, my soul… piece by piece… bit by bit until i had nothing left to give.

you became my life and i lost my sense of self. everything was all about you.what you wanted, what you needed, how you wanted it and when you needed it. i forgot all about me.

i learned to love the things you were passionate about: sports, poker, reggae music… i held you in my arms when you were sick, wrote your school essays, bought you your favorite snacks to bring to school, hung out with your noisy friends, began to love every person in your family including your quirky, smelly old dogs. i even started to like living in your dusty, messy and unkept room, started to like your ratty old shirts… i have gotten used to the noisy way you chew your food when you eat, the cute way you deny that you snore, the selfish way you hog the bed when we sleep, gotten used to the fact that you liked to drink til your eyes roll to the back of your head, gotten used to the way you smell even if you hadn’t taken a bath for days…

i’ve gotten used to having you around… having you as the most important part of my life.

and now, i look back…was it all worth it? or did i make the biggest mistake of my life?

i miss you. i really do. i won’t deny that. there’s a huge empty hole in my heart because you’re not mine anymore.

it started out with a kiss babe… how did it end up like this?

falling for you was the easy part, letting go is another thing. now you have her and i have to set you free.

my heart says i wanna keep you because i love you but i know i have to say goodbye…