Of ex-boyfriends and sausages.

My ex-boyfriend and I spent a lot of time at this place.

Warm, cozy, free wifi, the occasional ‘chocolate porridge’. We used to have breakfast (hungarian sausage with garlic rice), lunch (carbonara) and dinner (farmer’s plate) here. We used to work here too, dragging along our laptops and paperwork in between events. We came up with the event title ‘Summer Sunscream‘ over a warm cup of coffee and one set of red horse horse. (props to Tonyson, Jerome and Desi). Every hour was happy hour here.

VKH Hungarian

When the ex-boyfriend broke my heart once upon a time, I ran to this place and I stuffed myself senseless with a personal buffet of cordon bleu, mixed grilled plate and mango crepe. When I needed to think, to clear my head, to quietly enjoy my packs of cigarettes and slushed iced tea (on warm summer days) or illy coffee (on cold rainy nights), I came here. When I felt like I needed to treat myself and my family, I came here. When ex-boyfriend decided he didn’t want to be ex or just boyfriend anymore, he brought me my favorite hungarian-sausage-with-garlic-rice as peace and love offering. Best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Many years later, (ex-boyfriend is now husband-and-father-of-my-first-son),when stress gets the best of me, fail-proof, sure-fire way of feeling better is always VKH Food, preferably Hungarian Sausage with garlic rice. Comfort food had become synonymous to this place.


Ex-boyfriend and I, spent countless nights playing poker, story telling and scheming, tasting the variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (ahem) with our friends at this place. My friends and I planned our future trips here. Most of our plans are still plans but at least we have a plan and at least we’re still friends. Harhar. I announced I was pregnant over hot choco in the function room. I had my bridal shower and baby shower here. If they actually had a shower, I think I would’ve taken showers at this place too. As a matter of fact, you can say I lived here. I loved here.

IMG_4531 IMG_4534

Thank you Vienna Kaffeehaus Banilad for the many many many wonderful memories.

P.S. Vienna Kaffeehaus Gorordo, Orchard and Mactan are still open. You can follow them on Facebook (Vienna Kaffeehaus) or Instagram (@viennakaffeehaus) to get the latest promos or to just look at mouth-watering carb-loaded pics of food.

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