LokoMotive Love.❤️


Love is like getting a brand new car.

Looking at car ads is like reading a fairytale. You can’t wait to write your own story and have your very own happy ending. You browse through the colorful and glossy pages and you just want to claim it: You’re mine. I’m yours. 

And when you go the dealership, it’s like love at first sight, you know you just have to have it, just have to be with it, just possess the right to call it yours. The way your body fits into the drivers seat, you’ll know it, the same feeling you get the first time you hold hands, the way your fingers fit and intertwine and you know, you just know, this is meant to be. 

Or it could be a gradual process, you think about, you dream about it, you admire from afar, until you muster up the courage and guts to take it one step further…and further until it comes to the point of can’t-sleep-can’t-eat-can’t-breathe kind of obsession.

It’s a courtship. You get texts, calls, emails, Facebook PM’s, even the occasional tweets and tags in Instagram. And your heart skips a beat. The Sales agent meets up with you for coffee, send you chocolates, gets to know your family, friends and financial capacity, asks questions not even your mother or husband or diary knows the answers to.

And when your bank loan gets approved, it is an OMG moment. It’s a golden, sparkling milestone in your life because you’re an official, legit adult and they trust you, they actually TRUST you, with this ginormous (financial) responsibility.

And when you make that 20% downpayment, you know sh*t just got real. You are giving a huge chunk of yourself away, investing in something so monumental, letting go of your hard-earned moolah and accepting, no, embracing, the fact you are a quasi broke-ass adult embarking on a long-term commitment.

But who cares. Love is love.

Waiting for your unit to be released is like waiting for a confirmation, a sign from the heavens, waiting for tangible proof of a binding and long-term relationship.

And due to supply and demand conditions, you wait in excruciating agony. Is it a yes or a no? Will today finally be the day? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? And the more important question is, am I sure of this? Is this truly the one for me?

And when your agent takes your picture with their giant key, and you affix your signature on the docs, and your unit rolls out of the dealership, you know this is it. THIS.IS.IT. There’s no turning back. This baby is yours and yours alone. #5yearsislikeforever

Other people will criticize you for your decision (you should’ve chosen the other (brands) duuude or baket sis, is he the one ba talaga sis, there are other better (brands) out there). 

And in the process of being in this relationship, you discover your true character, your faith (in the system), your criminal tendencies (harhar) when you get your driver’s license, when you don’t get your license plate number at your desired date and pay for exorbitant ‘processing’ fees, you realize, gaddamet, this sh*t is hardwork. Maloloko ka, makakaloko ka or loko-loko ka talaga and all these other variations brought about by locomotive love. But love is patient, love is blind. 

Also like Love, your relationship with this automotive baby will go through ups and downs. It’s a given.

At some points, you will find yourself in a frustrating situation and end up in a call-a-friend scenario. You rant, ask for help, scream at, cry, threaten heck, sometimes you even want to choke and cut them into tiny chewable pieces and run them over with your vehicle but then you realize it’s not their fault in the first place. Customer relations people act like super absorbent anti-bacterial sponges, they absorb all the crap and dirt but they serve their purpose. #ListenEmpathizeApologizeReactNow

Your first car scratch is like a mini-heartbreak. At first, you’ll think it will never be the same again, then you’ll realize it’s the still the same car you fell in love with.

You will think your first fender-bender/ collision will be the beginning of the end, your heart will shatter into a million pieces, even more if you know it was them and not you, that you had nothing to do it with it because you know you gave your all and did your best. And you, the poor innocent one, cry giant pools of salty tears and think this cannot be fixed. But you’re wrong. Like all heartbreaks, your fender bender will heal in God’s perfect time. Because God will send his (Insurance) angels and (body repair) saints. #blessed This too shall pass quality control. 

After which, you will realize, this relationship takes effort, time, patience, passion and dedication.

Relationships are work in progress.

You will get angry (road rage because traffic). Your patience will be tested (because traffic). Your time will be consumed (because traffic). Your effort to reach your appointments on time will go down the drain (traffic). And you will think of abandoning this long-term relationship and be extremely tempted to enter short-term, more enjoyable flings (taxi cabs, jeepneys, tricycle, bicycle, rent-a-car or the sosyal uber chopper).

But at the end of the day, you still go home to this one real relationship. You will still go home to The One.

And you find reasons to fall in love all over again.

So to show your appreciation, you buy tokens of appreciation. (accessories, new tint, new matting, air freshener, seat covers, shiny new rims, etc.) Genuine parts and accessories are highly recommended as opposed to cheap second rate China made items. It could be a deal-breaker, one false move can nullify your relationship. Like the insurance policy that becomes useless because you’re a cheapskate who bought cheap imitation parts within the warranty period. The key to success is genuine quality and reasonable price.  

But you know that some of these things are but fancy superficial stuff, right?

What makes a relationship work is commitment.

Take him/her out an occasional date, dinner, drinks, spa and shopping. Post Maintenance Service every 1.5k, 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k and weekly car wash and regular oil check.

The key to a successful and happy relationship is maintenance. Check on him/her every now and then. Send him/her to the spa, go on occasional road trips, engine wash, send her to the doctor for a clean bill of health every now and then. Haha. No seriously. Show him/ her you care. It’s not what you get, it’s what you give.The longer you are in a relationship, the bigger your investments, the bigger your responsibility but the better your returns.

But life is unpredictable. And not all fairytales have happy endings. #mayforever is not for everyone.

Irreparable damage. Irreconcilable differences. They’re like car crashes classified as total wrecks.

Easier to let it be and let go. Mas better na waley na.

More often than we’d like to admit, some relationships come and go. All to teach us a lesson or two. #hugot

And as your five year old car sits at a used car dealership, you know it’s for the best. For you and for the other party. You thank him/her for the wonderful memories you will forever cherish, and hope and pray that someone will come along and love him/ her more than you ever did. #letitgoletitgo

And the love cycle begins all over again.

Falling in love is like buying a brand new car. It’s complicated. But it’s worth it.

Choose the one you fall in love with.

Epilogue: It’s easier to buy a car, than to find THE ONE. 😉 #teamsawioption


Happy Valentine’s day from the Marketing and Customer Relations Team of Isuzu Cebu Inc.

(Mandaue, Cebu, Talisay, Bohol, Iloilo) J