Game Plan: Be Grateful

So let’s admit it. There are good days. There are bad days. Then there are shitty days. Then there are days that just fuck you over.

 On a scale of 1 over 365, I’ve been scoring a higher percentage of the latter. I’ve chalked it up to three things. One: Bad personal decisions. Two: Bad people at work. Three: The good-the bad-the-ugly life semantics.

 So to provide a guideline towards goal achievement of work-life balance, I chose to believe in the goodness and positivity and work around the principle of gratitude.

I choose to be thankful.

 There comes a point in life when you just take a step back and…. Just chill. And you realize, the glass is not half full or half empty, it’s fucking refillable. You get chances of renewal and redemption every single day. This stage my friends, is called the millennial midlife crisis.

 No more invested emotions, witty retorts, violent reactions, plotted revenge and all that crap. You just woooosssaaahhh your way out of a potentially explosive situation, cry a little bit, grumble a little, get angry a little bit and thank the heavens above for making you a little stronger, a little smarter and just a little bit more mature because of the shitty hands that you’ve been dealt with.

 Corny, yes? But so goddamn true. So you’ve had a bad day. What are you gonna do about it? Throw a tantrum like your 7 year old self? Or run away from home like when you were 11? Or retaliate like when you were 17? Or quit, like when you quit you job when you were 24? Nope. You’re too old for that.

 As an outstanding millennial, you go on Twitter and document these stepping stones towards self betterment.

I’m serious.

 Two years ago, I saw someone posting gratitude pics of mundane everyday things and using the hashtag #thankyougame. At first it seemed a little funny. Even felt a little funny when I started playing along. I remember one of the first few tweets I made was about “Grateful for brand new spankin’s socks. Thank you mommy.” And looking back, I liked the thankful Lizette. The Lizette who appreciates the smallest things. But at the same time, that Lizette got a new job, had a kid who started pre-school, had a lot of after work extra curricular activities, had a lot of distractions and most of all, had a lot of excuses.

 Fast forward to 2016, after one exhausting and particularly draining work day, I went home feeling unappreciated and singularly degraded (blah), and went through Timehop and saw my tweets and posts from two years back. I had forgotten. I forgot my old self, forgot how to be thankful and grateful and appreciate the small things like functional flushing toilets (haha) and wearing socks with no holes or having a job.

And from that point on, I resolved to do better and be better.

 Because no matter how much I pray, it’s not the best thing I can do. Catholicism and religion aside, faith remains a concept without action.

And no matter how hard I work and volunteer to become a sacrificial lamb to the corporate gods, at the end of the day, work does not define who I am.

So who am I? Good days, bad days, shitty days do not define who I am.

My perspectives and my principles on any of those days do.

So I choose to be better and do better and above all else, be grateful.

be grateful