Daddy’s 16th.

Daddy Ben.❤

This is my Dad. His name is Ben. Thus the Ben Lucas Miguel and Ben Markus Mikhael names of my boys. 😆

He used to work as an aeronautical engineer for PAL and Lufthansa. I have many happy memories of free flights and personal tours of airports and airplanes.🤣 One time, when I was 13, he smuggled my sister and I into the airport and into the Mabuhay lounge so I could meet @boyzoneofficial and my pubescent crush @rokeating (pics to follow😂) My dad wasn’t around much because his job took him to many places overseas. Everytime he would come home, my sister and I would always have the latest Archie comics or Walkman or digital diary (I know, stop it) that unpacking his suitcase was an adventure in itself.

In 1998, my Dad was one of the few thousands who lost their jobs because of the recession and I remember him spending days and nights reading through classified ads for a new job. He said in passing and this has always stuck with me: your principles will not put food on the table. Which at that time, struck me as odd.
Aren’t you supposed to make your principles the basis of everything that you do? Aahh. What a sheltered, privileged life I lived. As I grew older (and wiser, I pray), the meaning of that sentence evolved too. Just by example, this particular moment in time defined who I will eventually become. Not a a housewife (still a dream though) but an honest, hardworking mama:

Lessons from Dad:
1.) Humility – position and title don’t matter. It’s what you can literally bring to the table that does, at work or at home.
2.) Gratitude – that there are still opportunities instead of none.
3.) Hardwork – will pay off. Perseverance, dedication, an honest job and a whole lot of heart will make you a good provider for your family.

They hired him back but he got a better offer. 😊 He got sick in 2002 and was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away in 2005. It’s been 16 years but I can remember January 12, 2005 like it was yesterday.

For those who still have dads, how lucky you are, so hug them tight.
For those whose dads are no longer here, how lucky we are to have them watch over us from heaven.
Happy 16th up there, Daddy.❤ i hope I make you proud.

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