‘Half the Battle is with ourselves’

“Winning the battles within you, is an even greater feat than winning the battles around you.”

I haven’t been the best version of myself the past few weeks. In the past 10 months, while in quarantine and navigating the blurry lines between work and home, I have tried meditation,pilates,aromatherapy,grounding techniques,breathworks to find my center and keep my peace. And I thought I had gotten the hang of things. After the holiday high and with the promise of a brand new year, I got slapped back to harsh reality. I had so successfully convinced myself to see the good in most things…that I kind of completely forgot that not all people live by the same premise. We meet people we don’t share the same values with, who don’t have similar personal and professional ethos that we do. And as coccooned as we’ve become during this pandemic, there are people who will shake us and try to break us and make us question our Why.

In the past 2 weeks that I slid between anger,disappointment,apathy,disbelief,etc. I lost sense of who I really was and why I do what I do. I forgot I was a mom, wife, mentor, friend… I forgot about the good things because I was so consumed by the bad ones… all because some people insist on twisting the truth to fit their own narrative. I forgot that it’s not the circumstance that matters, it’s how we react to it. I forgot that I was me and I had a right to be me. And the me that I had tried so hard to be was just generally a happy, peaceful, non-violent, kumbaya ray of sunshine.😉

Half the battle is with ourselves. So yes, here’s end-of-January 2021 me, trying to bring back the Me that i had worked so hard for in 2020. Cheers to better tomorrows.❤

End of January 2021 Me.😉

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