About this Marketing Mama.

Hi! I’m Lizette. Loving mother to two boys, Ben Lucas Miguel and Ben Markus Mikhael. Crazy wife to my first husband, Mike. (Hello there, Chris Hemsworth.) Wannabe essentialist. Amateur writer. Corporate Servant. Marketing Mama.

I was born and raised in Cebu, a tiny tropical island in the Philippines and grew up studying in a very conservative  all-girls Catholic school, before I started college in the very liberal, non-conformist University of the Philippines taking up the course with the least number of subjects related to math: Mass Communication.

While I nonchalantly tried to achieve super senior status while completing a four year course in five years, my friends successfully convinced me to dabble part-time in lifestyle writing and events.

My events career path started with me being a production assistant of sorts (runner, receptionist, promo girl, scriptwriter, even tried putting up streamers on lampposts, stage manager, artist babysitter, translator, tour guide, choreographer, voice over talent,  maintenance personnel (yep, tried sweeping up a whole parking lot post concert), stylist, event organizer, and whatever else you can think of in event production) and I’ve been loving the craft for more than 18 years. J

I serendipitously met the guy who will love me far more than I will ever love him, Mike, doing one of those events, and we decided to start a business. After a few super colourful years, I realized, I wanted to do something different, more importantly, something separate, from my husband. And that’s when I decided to stop freelancing and I marched right into the corporate world as a Marketing Officer.

I was so into my job that it took me a while to realize that for one year, I had missed to attend every single one of my family’s birthday celebrations. While I was mulling over this, I suddenly got a call to come for an interview for Marketing Head for an automotive group. I knew zilch about cars and trucks but the pay was good, the benefits were awesome and the hours were short. After my first day, I got home with the sun still out. I was grateful. “When someone offers you an amazing opportunity, say yes, then learn how to do it better.” I still have this quote pinned to my office bulletin board.

After a few years in the automotive industry, I stumbled across another amazing opportunity – in the alien world of healthcare. Customer service, sales, public relations, marketing were not new to me but medical terms might as well have been hieroglyphics as I spent most of my first year at this new company trying to absorb all these processes like a worn out sponge. Again, the pay is better, the benefits are awesome and the hours are still the same. I am wholeheartedly grateful for these chance encounters and opportunities but at the end of the day, I find myself asking, is there more? Could I do more? Will I be more?

I am at that point I my life where search for my WHY every day. What I am meant to do, who I am meant to be. This blog is to document this journey. Thank you for choosing to be in this journey with me.

Marketing Mama is still Marketing Mama, but with a twist. 😉

Marketing Mama 2.0 coming right at ya. 🙂


  1. My ultimate fantasy is sleeping eight hours STRAIGHT one day. Waking up to fresh unlimited sizzling bacon, sunny side up eggs, danggit, garlic rice and creamy hot choco, right before going on a lazy day at the beach with my family.
  2. I don’t cut my own nails.fingernails.toenails. Fixed bi-monthly salon schedules.
  3. I have internal semi violent arguments with myself every morning. Seriously. Never was and never will be a morning person.
  4. Crimes, serial killers,vengeance, murder fascinate me.
  5. My basic principle in life is reciprocity.:)
  6. I used to stare at pictures Brad Renfro and Ronan Keating believing that if I wanted them so bad, the whole universe will conspire for me to meet them,make them fall in love with me, marry me and be the mother of their children.
  7. When I was younger, I wanted to become a laundrywoman.Turns out I am allergic to detergent soap.
  8. I wore a back brace when I was 11. But i just wore it at home, where none of my friends would see me. The stupid contraption made me look like a cross between a robot and a vulcanized product. And yes, I have killer back pains because I did not wear the stupid brace.
  9. I always wanted to know how to use a scientific calculator to its fullest extent.:D
  10. Of all possible human emotions, i hate the feeling of helplessness the most.
  11. My favorite part of the day is coming home. 🙂
  12. My personal therapy is to buy school supplies. I seriously collect papers, notebooks, notepads,ballpens, envelopes,folders, etc. I have a mini-bookstore at home!
  13. My biggest fears, in order, are loss, failure, numbers, the wrath of my mother, germs and rats.
  14. I believe in destiny, true love, positive thinking, the goodness of the human race and that one day i will win Metro Gaisano’s wish-upon-a-car promo.
  15. I am exceptionally observant of people’s hands and feet.
  16. I think the greatest inventions are instant noodles, skyflakes and the microwave oven.
  17. Promises are meant to be fulfilled. 🙂
  18. “yes, i have a tattoo and no, you can’t see it.”:p
  19. My favorite pre-motherhood quote: there is no element of genius, without some form of madness.

I write what I like. This blog is for offloading the random multi brain farts going around in my head. Thank you for dropping by. 😉



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