Self-care Stories: Pandemic Self-care.

This pandemic has given us the perfect opportunity for self-discovery. We’ve all been fighting bouts of anger, confusion, fear, depression and anxiety through varying levels of acceptance and forms of adaptation (cooking, baking, planting, bartering, excessive online shopping, the works – hey, this is human evolution in the modern age!)

Pre-pandemic self-care seemed simple. Not to mention accessible. And taken.for.granted. Who would have ever thought that simple things like coffee breaks or ice cream runs or midnight joyrides or a hug and beso-beso – and simple dining out with friends and families – would someday become  distant memories (for now). But we gotta do what we gotta do, yes?

My pandemic listicle!

So while our lives are currently on semi-pause, sharing with you a couple of the pandemic self-care essentials that have helped me keep my sanity in the past 130 days of quarantine.

1.)    Sleep – An extra hour or two of slumber always keeps the depression demons away. The average adult needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day. Take that power nap and don’t deprive yourself of beauty sleep. You will thank yourself for it. 😊

Beauty sleep is the key to balance and clarity.

2.)    Exercise – Quite surprised how quickly gym instructors and enthusiasts adapted and offered online sessions. I joined an online mat Pilates class, mainly to stretch out my back and hip muscles since I sit on my office chair around 10 to 12 hours per day. Super helped my chubby muscles, not to mention, mat pilates is a good way of grounding yourself.

Stretch those muscles!

3.)    Food – Now where to start with this. This is one subject that I am an expert in simply because I consume so much food. Hahaha. My palate-related judgements have always been on point. 😉

a.       I like to eat food that I do not cook. Haha. No, Seriously. There’s something about food that someone prepares or someone buys you that speaks volumes to me about how much they care. Food (and eating is perhaps my unique love language)

b. I’ve always been a believer that mealtimes and food are meant to be shared and having someone else cook (or buy me food) is a love language that makes me feel more appreciated, thus this makes me a propagator and habitual practitioner of ‘together-apart’ meals! If there is a will, there’s a way! Quarantine and border control and this pandemic have not been hindrances in showing people you are thinking of them and you care. 

*p.s. for all family and friends who sent me food in the past few months, thank you! *

The way through an anxious woman’s heart is through her stomach. (In pic: Gorillabowlz Ahi Tuna)

4.) Grounding techniques– I learned about grounding techniques through one of the health and wellness seminars offered by the company I work for (Gotta love Maxicare!) Grounding techniques are used to bring you back to the present and keep your ‘what-ifs’ (what-if’s: example: fear of the future) at bay. As grounding techniques usually center around the five basic human senses: see, hear, taste, touch and smell, I made sure to have an activity with one of each:

a. Smell – Aromatherapy has so far been my favourite. There’s something about a nice smelling room that uplifts the spirit and inspires the soul. I have amassed a collection (or an obsession) over the past 60 days. Please don’t tell my husband how much these oils costs. Haha. My favourite scents are lemon in the morning and eucalyptus in the evening.

Aromatherapy for the tired quarantined soul.

b. Touch – I have also developed an obsession with silk. Pillowcases, scrunchies, sleeping eye masks, pajamas. Running your hands over its silk smooth goodness just feels so nice and offers you some sort of calmness and peace. Maybe because you just want to sleep and wallow in silk. Haha. Also, recommending bleeves (blanket with sleeves) – made of super fluffy ultra soft cuddle fleece for that feeling of extra comfort. Best paired with silk, but of course. 😉 Inserting here too: Massage. Oh how I miss my monthly full body and foot massage it makes me want to cry. Self-massage will have to do for now.;-)

Touch therapy as grounding technique.

c. Taste – See # 3 above. 😉

d. Hear – My spotify playlist as follows: Calming Acoustics, Stress relief, 90’s pop (hahahaha yes, they invoke happy carefree memories), John Wick soundtrack and Nine Inch Nails (for the times I want to drown out negative thoughts. Yes, MarketingMama always has been and always will be a rock chick)

Music to fuel the soul.

e.) See – Arrange and re-arrange. Marie Kondo the crap out of every room. There is a place for everything. Seeing your stuff organized and clean will also give you a sense of peace (and accomplishment). *Disclaimer: next to impossible with children in the house. I make do with my bedroom and work space. Hahaha. Also, I have meticulously color coordinated my curtains for this month and bedsheets and pillowcases and towels in white and pink. Don’t tell my husband because he doesn’t know because he is color blind. Nyahahaha.

Matchy matchy everything! Haha

5.) Write it Down – all the jumbled thoughts in your head, let it out and put it on paper. Writing (together with reading) has been my favourite form of therapy since childhood. There’s just something about getting lost in a book or in your thoughts while putting together a piece. I guess it helps you connect to your self more and it blocks out unwelcome negativity too. 😊

Put your thoughts to paper.

6.)  Online shopping – Guuuurrrlll if it makes you happy, add it to cart! Your money, your choice.

Retail therapy is still therapy.

But don’t forget to set aside savings for future rainy days and other pandemic essentials!

Save for rainy days!

Self-Care Stories: Mulberry Silk

Have you ever woken up to a pillowcase full of hair? Or do you vacuum or sweep several times a day and notice clumps and clumps of hair on the floor? Well, I have and it’s been mildly disturbing and highly stressful to do the math in my head : if I shed this much hair in a day, it’s only  a matter of time until I become completely bald! I have honest to God thought about shaving my head off in the hopes of re-stimulating my scalp for fluffy hair growth.

I vetoed against this fantastic fantasy of anti-hair fall. So, it has come to exploring alternative treatments: shampoo 3 times a week, coconut hair spa aaaannnndddd SILK SCRUNCHIES.

Lily and Adora Silk scrunchies comes in Black, Nude and Blush.

Silk scrunchies are claimed to lessen hair friction and tension as compared to traditional hair ties since it has a natural slippery feel. Theory is, because of this, silk scrunchies are gentle to use on dry, damaged and brittle hair to avoid breakage.

I got my fabulous stylish silk scrunchies at . They’re Philippines based and have a whole line of mulberry silk products like pillowcases, sleep masks and headbands, perfect for self care!

Made with an elastic band covered by 22 momme 100% pure mulberry silk.

Their products come in lovely packaging with super thoughtful extras (comes with a personalized note and alcohol pad!)

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Sanitized!

Check them out at

Movie Review: 365 days. What we need to teach ‘baby girls’ about men, money, sex and love.

Let me just get right down to it. After sitting right through ninety minutes of the movie, I just sat there in disbelief that I wasted precious minutes of my me time watching this poor excuse of an erotica film. Don’t get me wrong. I’m the kind of wife who shares porn sites with her husband who absolutely thinks his wife has the most undiscovered porn potential in the hole universe, but I digress. The point is, I have no qualms about erotica or rated R movies, as these are just deviations of artistic and poetic licenses.

I actually read through all books of Fifty Shades of Grey and actively voiced out my opinion on who should play Christian Grey (I was rooting for Alex Pettyfer to play him, by the way). And whilst conservative citizens lobbied that the franchise was romanticizing porn and BDSM, us non-traditionalists revelled in the idea of having our wildest fantasies play out on screen. Poor little small town girl gets swept off her feet by a rich handsome CEO who has psychological issues due to childhood trauma that emotionally cripples him thus sex to him is a psychological game. We get it, we get it. It is what it is: a form of entertainment. The basic foundation of the story plays around every girls basic fantasy: some rich guy falls madly in love with me, drives me in a helicopter, buys me a car, want me for my body but is fascinated with my mind and wants to marry me. You can sell these concepts to any girl any day, in any given form and one way or another, she will relate to it.

I’m not a professional film critic nor do I have the credentials of a screenwriter, but based on my humble, common consumer opinion, the power of art lies in successfully enabling your audience to relate to the message your trying to get across.

So given these precedents, let’s move on to the review of the lousiest movie I have seen during this enhanced community quarantine era. And because of most of us have been Netflixing our way out of this situation, I choose to believe that we have mutated into some sort of film connoisseurs, therefore, I declare the following statements valid and not open to discussion given the fact that I am a mother, a womens rights advocate, a film specialist (I’m running out of Netflix movies to watch honestly), but above all else, a girl who demands the highest level of respect in all ways possible.

Point 1: Unless you pull off a John Wick Mafia like storyline, then no. That don’t impress us much.

Point 2: Dear sweet Laura. You are very lost baby girl! Very lost and very wrong representation of females.

  • If you’re unhappy in a relationship, baby girl, walk away.
  • If somebody dictates what you wear, this is a red flag baby girl.
  • If somebody kidnaps you, scream, call for help, run, do what you can. Save yourself, baby girl.
  • If a stranger touches any part of your body without your consent, baby girl, say no. If someone forces you to have sex with him, baby girl, that’s called rape.
  • If somebody truly loves you, he won’t tie you up and force you to watch him get naked with some other girl. He’s sick in the head, baby girl. You deserve better.
  • If some guy isn’t open to letting your family know about him, leave him baby girl. Your family will always be a part of you.
  • There will be a time when we become blinded by material possessions, but remember this, baby girl, you can always buy these things for yourself through honest, hard work. People will try to buy your affections, but baby girl, please know that you cannot be bought. You are priceless.

To all the baby girls out there, please know your worth. You are so much more than an object of fantasies. Manipulation and abuse can easily be masked by the fanfare brought about by money, sex or even love. There’s so much more to love than sex. True, unadulterated love takes time. You cannot force someone to love you or force yourself to love someone in a specified time frame.

At the end of the day, us parents can only pray that we brought up our baby girls and baby boys to know the fine lines between lust and love and right and wrong and that we continue to teach them the correct answers if someone asks “Are you lost, baby girl?”

man and woman lying on bed
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The Skin911 Consolacion Series: Microneedling.

A little backgrounder: Skin911 is one of the leading facial and slimming centers in the country offering affordable non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal, facials, whitening injectables, slimming treatments and so much more. 

These services, which are widely marketed as beauty treatments for the stars, the rich and famous and the affluent, are made accessible by the Skin911 franchise to people like you and me. We read about these in magazines and browse thru instagram posts but our budgets have no margins for facials that cost 2k per session. #truestory

With Skin911, these flights of fancy are aspirations no more. Self-love achieved. Within our budget. 😉

You’d think that after almost 10 months in operation for Skin911 Consolacion, I would have tried all our clinics services. But no no no, opening the clinic while 7 months pregnant, breastfeeding, maternity leave, going back to work, eldest son starting grade school, the prophesized 7-year-itch marriage drama; life has been one big, hectic, chaotic beautiful mess. And in recent weeks, I have come to realize that in the process of trying to juggle and keeping it all together for everything and everyone else, I have lost all sense of ME.

So here I am, in an act of resolution slash desperation to love myself a little bit more, starting my Skin911 Consolacion Blog Series.

Procedure: Dermapen or Microneedling. 

Microneedling is a dermaroller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. Microneedling is mostly used on the face and may treat various scars, wrinkles, and large pores.

I have always had bad oily acne-prone skin. I have tried a lot of treatments, facials, ointments, creams, oral medication, you name it I’ve probably tried it. Microneedling or microdermabrasion is a non invasive procedure designed to rejuvenate collagen production aiming to give you younger, fresher, more refined looking skin.

First, the aesthetician gives a simple facial to clear your skin and applies a coat of anesthesia and leaves it on for 30 minutes. After this, a dermapen is used to mildly penetrate your skin. A dermapen is made up of tiny, sterile needles. This usually takes around 15-20 minutes and is absolutely pain-free, thanks to the topical anesthesia applied earlier. Post procedure, an ointment is applied and your skin will typically show signs of redness.

The second session has yielded far more visible results than the first. 24 hours post treatment, the skin on my cheeks have started to peel off and my acne spots have dried up. As advised by our trusted aestheticians, no make up, minimal sun and dust exposure in the next 72 hours after treatment.

Crossing my fingers for more positive results from my Microneedling treatments.

Skin911 Consolacion October promo for Microneedling 4+1 sessions for only Php5,000. For inquiries and appointments, send me a message or call us at (032) 423 4536.

Follow this blog for more #MarketingMama and Skin911 Consolacion updates. 🙂

Challenge Accepted: Journey to Zero Waste.

In a bid to be environmentally conscious, my sister and I have decided to start saying no to single use plastics. Growing up in a generation banking on convenience, we’ve gotten so used to using plastic materials in our daily lives that it’s a monumental challenge embarking on a zero waste journey. Plastic bags for groceries, plastic bottled water, plastic spoons and forks, plastic straws. It had become a mindless habit until recently, when my six-year-old son demanded McDonalds two-piece chicken and six-piece chicken nuggets with large iced tea delivery every night for almost three months straight. Haha. Imagine the mountain of trash the take aways alone generate.

So, we decided to do the following baby steps to minimizing our carbon footprint:

  1. Bring your own water bottle
  2. Make do with re-usable straws
  3. Bring eco-bag when doing groceries or shopping
  4. Bring your own utensils
  5. SAY NO to plastics

The struggle is real AF when it comes to saying no to things that have apparently made life so much more easy. Lugging around your own tumblers and cutleries and storing extra eco-bags in your existing bag is no easy feat. It’s a constant struggle for my personal fight for minimalism and being environmentally conscious. 😀

For the skeptics and the cynics and the naysayers, please don’t judge. Please don’t mind me, the size of my bag or the burloloys in it. 😀 My personal choices are none of your business. I want to do my share, no matter how habitually tiny they might be, in securing our children’s and our grandchildren’s future. My trash should be no one’s treasure. 😀

It’s really not about joining the eco bandwagon or drastic lifestyle changes. Plastic bags to eco bags. Coffee cups to tumblers. Styrofoam packaging Toothbrush I can change, yes, but sanitary pads to menstrual cups, that’s a whole different story. As I said, baby steps. We will cross the menstrual cup bridge when we get there. IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS. The little things make a difference. Baby steps to eco-friendly solutions.

For those who have unquestionably supported this quest for sustainable living, thank you for your words of encouragement and for your unconditional friendship. 😉 And for those who are already in this journey, thank you for the inspiration. We can do this. One less plastic thing at a time. 😉

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Beach please.

This weekend marks 18 weeks of baby number two being hell bent on experiencing the wide spectrum of pregnancy symptoms known and unknown to mankind. From projectile vomiting, to debilitating cramps and dizzying migraines, lousy is an understatement in trying to describe the past 4 ½ months of this pregnancy.

This weekend also marks my lovely mothers 53rd birthday and I’ve been looking forward to this getaway for weeks. I needed to feel the sand between my toes and the sun on my skin and let the sea float the fugly preggy feelings away. How I look like in a bathing suit is an entirely different story for an entirely different blog entry.

Back to the beach. The best thing about living in the wonderful tropical island of Cebu, a close second to crispy, tasty, crunchy Cebuano lechon, is that you are only 30 minutes away from world renowned beaches. For dear mommy’s birthday weekend, we are staying at Movenpick Resort, located in Punta Engano, Mactan, Cebu City.

I have been waiting with bated breath to feel the lovely white sand beneath my feet and to taste salty water so you can just imagine the orgasmic sense of fulfilment when we got to the beach. The sun, sea and sand does waters for the tired and weary city soul.

So, as I sit here, staring out into the beautiful blue sea framed by a blazing orange sunset, I think about all the despicable choices I have made and all the crappy things I am stuck with because of the choices I made. But despite the significant amount of stress, I know my gratitude should be bigger than my regrets and my fears.

Thank you Mama Mary for my mom, the best kind of mother any kid could ever ask for. I pray for her good health, happiness and success and may you hear the deepest prayers of her heart.

Thank you Mama Mary for the gift of family time, for fulfilling weekends, for something to look forward to, for new adventures and for the gift of new life. All praises to you.

Now on the next adventure.





The Beautiful Miracle That Is Pregnancy.

Image may contain: text

The beautiful miracle that is pregnancy. This tiny miracle mutant in your body begins to dictate every single aspect of your life from the way you sleep, to the way you eat, how you function at work, why you cry when you watch Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. Mothers do not own their bodies for nine whole months. For you to willingly accept a tenant in your own body who manipulates and controls every aspect of your being for a long period of time, that, that my dear friends, is True Love.

Did you know that your body can do a multitude of tasks at any given second? Yessss. Men have no idea about the maximum capacity of bodily functions because they never get pregnant. Yessss. You have not truly lived until you become a mother. Say for example, the mundane task of sneezing. Did you know that you can sneeze AND burp at the same time? Ha. Bet you didn’t know that. Bet you also didn’t know that brushing your teeth, regurgitation and peeing could happen at the same exact time too. Ha. You know nothing and your life experiences pale in comparison to the beautiful miracle that is pregnancy.

It’s awesome being pregnant. I also didn’t know you can produce so much saliva you start to think you can hydrate yourself without drinking any liquid. Bet you also didn’t know the super power of your olfactory nerves. You can actually smell what your neighbor three doors down is cooking for dinner, or what exact liquor your husband drank 18 hours ago. Ha. Bet you didn’t know that. Also, pregnancy is a contradiction of sorts, you don’t like the smell of cooking oil but you want stuff yourself senseless with fried spam, fried hotdog, fried pork, fried chicken. You become completely bipolar and you know it but you can’t really do anything about it. The things we find out during the beautiful miracle that is pregnancy.

It’s great being pregnant. Once the morning sickness goes away, the indigestion and the constipation takes over. Have you tried belching and barfing in supremely high decibels it would put the exorcism sound effects of Linda Blair and Emily Rose to shame? I didn’t know my vocal chords could do that. Seriously. The things we discover during the beautiful miracle that is pregnancy.

It’s lovely being pregnant. I go to work and when I come home at night, and ask the sperm donor husband if he bought me fuji apples and Chowking chicharap and he says, “I’ve had a long day. I forgot about it, I’m sorry. I’m tired.” And my head snaps and faster than you can say sperminator, the pregnant lady can start a verbal and physical assault of nuclear proportions, husband will want to go back to his mother’s womb and come out as a girl instead. Tip to Fathers: You are not growing an arm or a foot or building someone’s brain and liver, therefore, never, ever say you are busy, all the more, never ever say you are tired. And never ever forget the fuji apples and Chowking chicharap. Just breathe. And follow instructions. It’s only for nine months. This beautiful miracle that is pregnancy.

I heard somewhere that the second pregnancy is easier than the first. Ha. My first pregnancy was easy breezy compared to this! I ate like a vacuum and drank like a pirate. Zero physical drama.

My husband and I have fervently prayed, and fervently tried, haha, to give my son a brother or a sister for four years. After several unsuccessful attempts, false positives and mini heartbreaks, we prayed that if we were meant to have a bigger family, we will leave it all up to God. And by some divine intervention, here we are, despite and inspite of the high velocity barfing, zero control over bodily functions and mental and emotional instability, we are “enjoying” and above all, just GRATEFUL for the beautiful miracle that is this pregnancy.



Game Plan: Be Grateful

So let’s admit it. There are good days. There are bad days. Then there are shitty days. Then there are days that just fuck you over.

 On a scale of 1 over 365, I’ve been scoring a higher percentage of the latter. I’ve chalked it up to three things. One: Bad personal decisions. Two: Bad people at work. Three: The good-the bad-the-ugly life semantics.

 So to provide a guideline towards goal achievement of work-life balance, I chose to believe in the goodness and positivity and work around the principle of gratitude.

I choose to be thankful.

 There comes a point in life when you just take a step back and…. Just chill. And you realize, the glass is not half full or half empty, it’s fucking refillable. You get chances of renewal and redemption every single day. This stage my friends, is called the millennial midlife crisis.

 No more invested emotions, witty retorts, violent reactions, plotted revenge and all that crap. You just woooosssaaahhh your way out of a potentially explosive situation, cry a little bit, grumble a little, get angry a little bit and thank the heavens above for making you a little stronger, a little smarter and just a little bit more mature because of the shitty hands that you’ve been dealt with.

 Corny, yes? But so goddamn true. So you’ve had a bad day. What are you gonna do about it? Throw a tantrum like your 7 year old self? Or run away from home like when you were 11? Or retaliate like when you were 17? Or quit, like when you quit you job when you were 24? Nope. You’re too old for that.

 As an outstanding millennial, you go on Twitter and document these stepping stones towards self betterment.

I’m serious.

 Two years ago, I saw someone posting gratitude pics of mundane everyday things and using the hashtag #thankyougame. At first it seemed a little funny. Even felt a little funny when I started playing along. I remember one of the first few tweets I made was about “Grateful for brand new spankin’s socks. Thank you mommy.” And looking back, I liked the thankful Lizette. The Lizette who appreciates the smallest things. But at the same time, that Lizette got a new job, had a kid who started pre-school, had a lot of after work extra curricular activities, had a lot of distractions and most of all, had a lot of excuses.

 Fast forward to 2016, after one exhausting and particularly draining work day, I went home feeling unappreciated and singularly degraded (blah), and went through Timehop and saw my tweets and posts from two years back. I had forgotten. I forgot my old self, forgot how to be thankful and grateful and appreciate the small things like functional flushing toilets (haha) and wearing socks with no holes or having a job.

And from that point on, I resolved to do better and be better.

 Because no matter how much I pray, it’s not the best thing I can do. Catholicism and religion aside, faith remains a concept without action.

And no matter how hard I work and volunteer to become a sacrificial lamb to the corporate gods, at the end of the day, work does not define who I am.

So who am I? Good days, bad days, shitty days do not define who I am.

My perspectives and my principles on any of those days do.

So I choose to be better and do better and above all else, be grateful.

be grateful

LokoMotive Love.❤️

Love is like getting a brand new car.

Looking at car ads is like reading a fairytale. You can’t wait to write your own story and have your very own happy ending. You browse through the colorful and glossy pages and you just want to claim it: You’re mine. I’m yours. 

And when you go the dealership, it’s like love at first sight, you know you just have to have it, just have to be with it, just possess the right to call it yours. The way your body fits into the drivers seat, you’ll know it, the same feeling you get the first time you hold hands, the way your fingers fit and intertwine and you know, you just know, this is meant to be. 

Or it could be a gradual process, you think about, you dream about it, you admire from afar, until you muster up the courage and guts to take it one step further…and further until it comes to the point of can’t-sleep-can’t-eat-can’t-breathe kind of obsession.

It’s a courtship. You get texts, calls, emails, Facebook PM’s, even the occasional tweets and tags in Instagram. And your heart skips a beat. The Sales agent meets up with you for coffee, send you chocolates, gets to know your family, friends and financial capacity, asks questions not even your mother or husband or diary knows the answers to.

And when your bank loan gets approved, it is an OMG moment. It’s a golden, sparkling milestone in your life because you’re an official, legit adult and they trust you, they actually TRUST you, with this ginormous (financial) responsibility.

And when you make that 20% downpayment, you know sh*t just got real. You are giving a huge chunk of yourself away, investing in something so monumental, letting go of your hard-earned moolah and accepting, no, embracing, the fact you are a quasi broke-ass adult embarking on a long-term commitment.

But who cares. Love is love.

Waiting for your unit to be released is like waiting for a confirmation, a sign from the heavens, waiting for tangible proof of a binding and long-term relationship.

And due to supply and demand conditions, you wait in excruciating agony. Is it a yes or a no? Will today finally be the day? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? And the more important question is, am I sure of this? Is this truly the one for me?

And when your agent takes your picture with their giant key, and you affix your signature on the docs, and your unit rolls out of the dealership, you know this is it. THIS.IS.IT. There’s no turning back. This baby is yours and yours alone. #5yearsislikeforever

Other people will criticize you for your decision (you should’ve chosen the other (brands) duuude or baket sis, is he the one ba talaga sis, there are other better (brands) out there). 

And in the process of being in this relationship, you discover your true character, your faith (in the system), your criminal tendencies (harhar) when you get your driver’s license, when you don’t get your license plate number at your desired date and pay for exorbitant ‘processing’ fees, you realize, gaddamet, this sh*t is hardwork. Maloloko ka, makakaloko ka or loko-loko ka talaga and all these other variations brought about by locomotive love. But love is patient, love is blind. 

Also like Love, your relationship with this automotive baby will go through ups and downs. It’s a given.

At some points, you will find yourself in a frustrating situation and end up in a call-a-friend scenario. You rant, ask for help, scream at, cry, threaten heck, sometimes you even want to choke and cut them into tiny chewable pieces and run them over with your vehicle but then you realize it’s not their fault in the first place. Customer relations people act like super absorbent anti-bacterial sponges, they absorb all the crap and dirt but they serve their purpose. #ListenEmpathizeApologizeReactNow

Your first car scratch is like a mini-heartbreak. At first, you’ll think it will never be the same again, then you’ll realize it’s the still the same car you fell in love with.

You will think your first fender-bender/ collision will be the beginning of the end, your heart will shatter into a million pieces, even more if you know it was them and not you, that you had nothing to do it with it because you know you gave your all and did your best. And you, the poor innocent one, cry giant pools of salty tears and think this cannot be fixed. But you’re wrong. Like all heartbreaks, your fender bender will heal in God’s perfect time. Because God will send his (Insurance) angels and (body repair) saints. #blessed This too shall pass quality control. 

After which, you will realize, this relationship takes effort, time, patience, passion and dedication.

Relationships are work in progress.

You will get angry (road rage because traffic). Your patience will be tested (because traffic). Your time will be consumed (because traffic). Your effort to reach your appointments on time will go down the drain (traffic). And you will think of abandoning this long-term relationship and be extremely tempted to enter short-term, more enjoyable flings (taxi cabs, jeepneys, tricycle, bicycle, rent-a-car or the sosyal uber chopper).

But at the end of the day, you still go home to this one real relationship. You will still go home to The One.

And you find reasons to fall in love all over again.

So to show your appreciation, you buy tokens of appreciation. (accessories, new tint, new matting, air freshener, seat covers, shiny new rims, etc.) Genuine parts and accessories are highly recommended as opposed to cheap second rate China made items. It could be a deal-breaker, one false move can nullify your relationship. Like the insurance policy that becomes useless because you’re a cheapskate who bought cheap imitation parts within the warranty period. The key to success is genuine quality and reasonable price.  

But you know that some of these things are but fancy superficial stuff, right?

What makes a relationship work is commitment.

Take him/her out an occasional date, dinner, drinks, spa and shopping. Post Maintenance Service every 1.5k, 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k and weekly car wash and regular oil check.

The key to a successful and happy relationship is maintenance. Check on him/her every now and then. Send him/her to the spa, go on occasional road trips, engine wash, send her to the doctor for a clean bill of health every now and then. Haha. No seriously. Show him/ her you care. It’s not what you get, it’s what you give.The longer you are in a relationship, the bigger your investments, the bigger your responsibility but the better your returns.

But life is unpredictable. And not all fairytales have happy endings. #mayforever is not for everyone.

Irreparable damage. Irreconcilable differences. They’re like car crashes classified as total wrecks.

Easier to let it be and let go. Mas better na waley na.

More often than we’d like to admit, some relationships come and go. All to teach us a lesson or two. #hugot

And as your five year old car sits at a used car dealership, you know it’s for the best. For you and for the other party. You thank him/her for the wonderful memories you will forever cherish, and hope and pray that someone will come along and love him/ her more than you ever did. #letitgoletitgo

And the love cycle begins all over again.

Falling in love is like buying a brand new car. It’s complicated. But it’s worth it.

Choose the one you fall in love with.

Epilogue: It’s easier to buy a car, than to find THE ONE. 😉 #teamsawioption


Happy Valentine’s day from the Marketing and Customer Relations Team of Isuzu Cebu Inc.

(Mandaue, Cebu, Talisay, Bohol, Iloilo) J


Of ex-boyfriends and sausages.

My ex-boyfriend and I spent a lot of time at this place.

Warm, cozy, free wifi, the occasional ‘chocolate porridge’. We used to have breakfast (hungarian sausage with garlic rice), lunch (carbonara) and dinner (farmer’s plate) here. We used to work here too, dragging along our laptops and paperwork in between events. We came up with the event title ‘Summer Sunscream‘ over a warm cup of coffee and one set of red horse horse. (props to Tonyson, Jerome and Desi). Every hour was happy hour here.

VKH Hungarian

When the ex-boyfriend broke my heart once upon a time, I ran to this place and I stuffed myself senseless with a personal buffet of cordon bleu, mixed grilled plate and mango crepe. When I needed to think, to clear my head, to quietly enjoy my packs of cigarettes and slushed iced tea (on warm summer days) or illy coffee (on cold rainy nights), I came here. When I felt like I needed to treat myself and my family, I came here. When ex-boyfriend decided he didn’t want to be ex or just boyfriend anymore, he brought me my favorite hungarian-sausage-with-garlic-rice as peace and love offering. Best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Many years later, (ex-boyfriend is now husband-and-father-of-my-first-son),when stress gets the best of me, fail-proof, sure-fire way of feeling better is always VKH Food, preferably Hungarian Sausage with garlic rice. Comfort food had become synonymous to this place.


Ex-boyfriend and I, spent countless nights playing poker, story telling and scheming, tasting the variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (ahem) with our friends at this place. My friends and I planned our future trips here. Most of our plans are still plans but at least we have a plan and at least we’re still friends. Harhar. I announced I was pregnant over hot choco in the function room. I had my bridal shower and baby shower here. If they actually had a shower, I think I would’ve taken showers at this place too. As a matter of fact, you can say I lived here. I loved here.

IMG_4531 IMG_4534

Thank you Vienna Kaffeehaus Banilad for the many many many wonderful memories.

P.S. Vienna Kaffeehaus Gorordo, Orchard and Mactan are still open. You can follow them on Facebook (Vienna Kaffeehaus) or Instagram (@viennakaffeehaus) to get the latest promos or to just look at mouth-watering carb-loaded pics of food.