The Eyelash Experiment.

After a series of meetings at SM Seaside, walking from one wing to another, I suddenly felt cramps and back pains, signifying I needed to take a rest. As I was walking and looking for a place to sit down and put my feet up, I passed by Stylash Eyelash Salon and saw the perfect bed to rest my tired, swollen feet and my aching back and asked the kind lady to explain to me in super slow motion the options and procedures for eyelash extension because, number 1: I have quasi virginal eyelashes, with only the occasional glued-on falsies for weddings and events and number 2: I wanted to maximize my time lying prone on their beds while my cramps subside and my feet stop screaming bloody hell.

The Stylish lady walked me through the procedure and was done in less than 20 minutes because I chose the Nude look – 100 pieces of lashes for only Php 550. I ended up staying there for more than an hour and talked to the lady about vanity during pregnancy and told me I shouldn’t feel so guilty in wanting to look pretty even when I feel that I am at my worst physical state. We deserve a little pep talk every now and then. Besides, having nice curled lashes while you bloat like a balloon would be a nice, twisted touch.

Stylish is located at SM Seaside City and SM City Cebu. Current promos include 50% off on their Full Diva and Superstar lashes.

P.s. Excuse the zits. I am going through an extremely hormonal phase of unparalleled portions complete with sporadic cravings, wolf-like hair growth and teenage acne. 


Of Mice and Men and Babies and Boobs.

There are days when i forget I am a parent. And in these unfortunate times when i get temporary lapses of judgement, i unconsciously pass on widgets of knowledge to my precocious son.

At 13 months, we taught him the different human body parts. Two months later, his favorite (female) body part to point at are “boobs”, which i unwittingly explained to him one day not so long ago when he saw me dressing up for work. The next day, he in public, he triumphantly declares BOOBS! and points to all human concerned, sales ladies, grandmothers, neighborhood girlies and not to mention my female co-workers and my lady boss.

And he come across a girl friend of mine:

GF: Hi Miggy! I’m (let’s call her Anna). (Ppoints her finger to her chest to indicate she is indeed Anna)

Miggy: (stares at her chest) (shakes head left to right) says, No Boobs.

well, kids say the darndest things.

So here I am, writing this blog. Torn between berating myself for teaching him part 1 of the dreaded sex talk at such a young age and being mighty proud that his brain absorbs info like a brand new sponge. 

The wisdom you impart cannot be undone. So help me God.